About the Book

Greg Thompson was four years old when he first met his guardian angel. It would not be the last visit from that angel or other paranormal beings. In Living with My Spirit Guides, Thompson narrates his story as he offers a different perspective on life when communicating with spirit guides daily.

This memoir chronicles how he has grown from a child who accepted his world that others did not understand to a life where he openly talks about his connection to a larger world. Thompson shares how he communicates with his spirit guides, how it has changed throughout time, and how he has additionally learned to talk with other forms of life.

Living with My Spirit Guides conveys what it feels like to be an empath who can pick up emotions from anywhere in the world and how it feels walking through a crowd that is either extremely happy or mad. Thompson tells how he learned to control those feelings within him, how he deals with knowledge of someone who is sick or dying and they don’t know it, and how to help them with the aid of his spirit guides.

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