What happened?

In January 2023 I took a walk in the local park and slipped on some ice. I fractured my right hip. I ended up spending a week in the hospital, five weeks in rehab, and three additional weeks in home therapy.

It was while I was in rehab that something I cannot explain happened. It was nighttime and I was sleeping. I heard a voice talking and I then realized that I had flown out of my body and was near the ceiling. This event was not uncommon. I have flown out of my body many times during my life. However, I usually plan to fly; not just find myself already doing it. And what is with the voices?!

The first voice was saying, “Greg, wake up!” over and over. Then the second voice asked, “Is he dead?” The first voice kept on saying, “Greg, wake up!” I slowly became more curious. “What is going on”, I thought. I also became aware that my body was being touched. But I am floating! Why would I be feeling something happening to my body? I decided to investigate.

The next thing I remember is that something is over my mouth! I cannot seem to get it off me. I moan as I try to grab it and remove it. Then I hear the first voice say, “Let me help you.” The mask is removed from my face.  I later learned that it was an oxygen mask. I feel like my chest is sore. I ask, “What is going on?” The nurse asks, ”How are you feeling?” I respond that I think am OK. She then says she is going to take my blood pressure. It turns out to be 52 over 38. She says, “at least he now has a blood pressure.” She leaves the room and tells the ACN to stay with me.  She comes back and gives me a shot of something. She says they will wait five minutes and take my blood pressure again. She takes it again and it seems to be better.

The next morning the resident doctor comes to see me and asks how I am doing. I told her that I was fine, but something happened overnight. She says that she heard about it and decided to check up on me. She said that it was quite a night. I asked her what happened, and she side stepped the question. She wanted to know how I felt at that moment. We talked for a while, and she then left.

What did happen? I think I might have died, and the nurse did CPR on my body.

This time it was not a near-death experience because I never really left. No, this was an out of the body experience and unlike any I have ever had. I guess I should not be too surprised. I was very depressed. I do not believe that I knew how bad it was until I started looking back at this event. I can lower my pulse at will and I have found I can do the same with my blood pressure. I may have been willing myself to die. Ten years earlier I had a viral infection in my right foot which required three surgeries to resolve. After the surgeries I had to learn how to walk again. Now I have a fractured hip and I must learn how to walk again. I did not know if I wanted to learn again.

This event woke me up to try again. Within a few weeks I was walking and going about my life. My guardian angels were quiet during this period, but I believe I had their support. And again, it was something I had to do myself.


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