This evening some friends and I were sitting in a friend’s condo talking. The subject was about spiritual connections.  One of my friends was talking and I heard a noise somewhere.  I looked up and saw spirits moving slowly around in circles above us.  The spirits look something like a long-shaped mist. But not a mist containing water, but rather energy. I smiled as she continued to talk because I found it interesting and peaceful.  She then noticed something was different in the room and asked me if I saw the spirits.  They had by that time multiplied and more were flying more quickly around the room at lower levels, between us and around both of us. She could see them too.

I said that I was seeing them all around us. I then said these were not my spirit guides and after I said it, my spirit guides joined the others and let me know they were here by touching my right arm with cool air.

We continued to talk about them, and they got more excited, and they all started moving around more quickly.  She said she saw my face change to a yellow color and there was a glow emanating from me. She said that my face then changed to be one of an old man. One of my spirit guides touched my right cheek and my friend said then that I had a blue spot on my right cheek. I felt light and completely free of any emotion completely complete at peace.  Our conversation continued about spirituality, and they continued moving around for about another hour. I did not want the night to come to an end.  I started talking about joy and what a friend had told me about her angel of joy.  As I talked, I remembered my first time I expressed complete absolute joy.  I was lying in a crib and just simply, innocently laughing with joy.  I mentioned it to my friend and she agreed.  She felt the joy too.  We both laughed.


  1. Angela says:

    What a completely amazingly beautiful magical moment this must have been for you and your friend 🥰🙏🙏🙏

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